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Craftsquare “TCA” Carbon Mirrors For Nissan R35 GT-R & Mitsubishi CZ4A Evo

Breaking news!  Seriously, I just got the press release on this right as I was finishing the previous post.  Craftsqare just released new carbon fiber mirror applications for the R35 GT-R and the Mitsubishi CZ4A AKA Evo X.  These new mirrors, called “TCA” feature a new housing design which further reduces aerodynamic drag without increasing weight.  You can also order these mirrors in various magnification strengths and with special anti-glare tint.  If you want to order a set hit up Endless USA.


Press Release:

Craft Square Releases the EVO X & R35 GTR Applications
Huntington Beach, CA (September 1, 2009)

– Endless USA is pleased to announce the new CZ4A EVO and R35 GTR Craft Square carbon side mirrors. The release took a bit longer than usual for these newer car models due to the development of a completely new housing design. The new “TCA” series is slightly elongated from front to back resulting in a lower drag coefficient without the smallest bit of weight increase. The EVO TCA-F weighs 515g, the EVO TCA-N1 weighs 555g and the GTR TCA-F weighs a mere 390g. Both the EVO and door-mounted GTR applications come standard with black bases. Craft Square mirror lenses virtually eliminate all blind spots and in nearly all cases allow the driver to see the entire width of the track behind them. The lenses are also available in several different magnifications of 500R, 800R and 1000R. The ever popular anti-glare blue tint lens is also available for both the EVO and GTR TCA applications.


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