American Le Mans: Mazda Makes History….Twice

It was a big weekend for Mazda.  Seven Stock was going on at its headquarters in Irvine, a ton of Mazda racers including Mazda Atlantics were at the SCCA run-offs in Road America, and finally the Dyson Racing team with their twin Mazda powered Lola coupes were taking on Acura at the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. 

Everyone thinks the big story at Petit Le Mans was the horrible rain delay but I say nay!  The big story was that for the first time ever one the #16 Mazda (Driven By Chris Dyson & Guy Smith) was running the race with a new biofuel called “biobutanol”.  Biobutanol is a new type of bio-fuel that has nearly the same capacity for energy as traditional gasoline but unlike other biofuels it doesn’t absorb water so to run this fuel requires minimal engine modification.  Since one of the Mazda’s ran this new cutting edged fuel it had to be “UNC” or unclassified.  Essentially it was running its own race against itself but before you write them off the #16 came in 7th place overall!  Only the P1 cars could stay ahead of Dyson and Smith.

Meanwhile, as Dyson and Smith were making history with their experimental fuel the #20 Mazda was busy taking it to the P2 Acura’s and piloted their way to Mazda’s first class win since entering the P2 class of the American Le Mans series!  Despite a new chassis and a one of a kind engine design Mazda has been chasing down the Acura’s all year and they finally pulled past them at the biggest ALMS race of the year.  I’ve been watching this team closely for a while and I’m estatic to see them get their first win.  Congrats to Mazda, Dyson Racing, and BP Fuels!  Check out the video below for a full race recap via SPEED TV.

[Photo: Dyson Racing]

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