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AC Schnitzer Type VIII Forged Wheels

I’ll be totally honest with you, at first glance I thought these wheels where F’ing hideous!  I couldn’t believe that AC Schnitzer of all people could create such a thing but after the initial shock, my inner self and I came to a concensus.  It isn’t that the wheel is nessasarily ugly, its just AC Schnitzer decided to show them off on the wrong colored car.  If you check them out you’ll see that the Type VIII wheels are all displayed on white cars.  In this writer’s humble opinion the black with brushed aluminum wheels on a white car just don’t work! 

Use your mind’s eye to picture these very same wheels on a black car.  I think you’ll hear an internal sigh of relief at the mental picture.  So conclusion these wheels are fresh but if my BMW was white I wouldn’t rock ’em!

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