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F1: Jenson Button Takes Victory In Turkish GP

So Jenson Button and the “underdog” Brawn GP team has been sweeping up all season so far while Ferrari and McLaren where spinning their wheels and not really getting anywhere.  It was almost starting to get boring with Brawn GP and Jenson Button dominating the field in almost all the races, but this weekend F1 came back to Turkey AKA Felipe Massa’s playground.  Massa has one the Turkish GP the previous three years consecutively.  For a moment I genuinely thought that Brawn’s dominance wouldn’t be enough to overcome Massa’s Turkish streak.  I was totally wrong…

After Sebasten Vettel made a mistake and went off track in turn 10 on the first lap Jenson took the lead away and that was all she wrote.  He remained in the lead for almost the entire race there-after, save for the pit stops.  He had both Red Bull F1 cars on his tail but neither Mark Webber nor Vettel had anything for Jenson Button who went on to take his sixth win in seven races. 

He now has a 26 point lead over his teammate and points runner up Rubens Barrichello.  I’m thinking we should just give Jenson Button the trophy now and call the rest of the season F1 “exhibitions” instead of races!

Check out the vid below for a recap from the SPEED guys.  Photo courtesy of BrawnGP.com.


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