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F1: FOTA Announces A “Breakaway” Championship For 2010

I guess when American open-wheel racing split Formula One really wasn’t paying attention!  It was announced yesterday that FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) have reached an impasse with the FIA and would make efforts to start their own championship in 2010.  Who is FOTA?  Well they’re something of a union of some of the biggest teams in F1.  FOTA includes: Ferrari, BMW Sauber, AT&T Williams, Renault, Red Bull, McLaren, Toyota, and the newest member Brawn GP.  Basically every team on the grid!  And they’re all sick of how Mr. Mosely and Bernie are running the show.  At first this was all just hearsay but last night FOTA dropped a bomb of a press release to put the word out there.

As you can imagine many F1 fan boys and others who are heavily invested in F1’s success are running around like chicken’s without a head right now.  Although I still remain skeptical about this whole situation.  While a few of the FOTA teams have a lot of money and influence and could theoretically start their own series, my question is where would they race?  The FIA still holds contracts with almost every race track in Europe!  Does FOTA have the power to make all those tracks break ties with the FIA and risk inflated lawsuits?  Probably not…

Personally I see this as just a massive power play on the part of FOTA and if the FIA is smart they’ll finally put their pinky’s down, pull their heads out of their “arses” and take FOTA more seriously.  In the meantime I’ll try to keep you posted on the back and fourth of this nasty little situation.

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