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Ross Brawn Digs Endless

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that “rookie” F1 team Brawn GP has been taking names (and wins) all season so far.  There are a lot of reasons for their success, one of them being their experience in setting up a good race car in all aspects, power, suspension, and braking system.  When it comes to that last part team principal Ross Brawn gives props to Endless and their RF-650 Brake Fluid.

Over the past five years, the team has developed a close working relationship with Endless and we have been very happy with the quality and performance of their brake fluid. We are pleased to be continuing our partnership this season.

Thats a direct quote from the man himself!  Its nice to see one of the brands that we know and love making a difference in a sport as pretegious as F1.  Fun Fact: RF-650 brake fluid is totally safe for street use!  That’s right you can put the same brake fluid in your car that Jenson Button has in his! Neat huh?

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