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Ken Block Gymkhana TWO Project

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the now world famous Ken Block Gymkhana practice youtube video that took the interweb by storm about 6 months ago or so.  I mean the video has over 4 million views by now if you haven’t seen it where the heck have you been?!  Either way you should definitely watch it ASAP because Ken has already finished part TWO which will debut on June 1st.  They’re is actually a preview screening party tonight at a secret location that we are trying to work our way into as I’m typing this.

Obviously we wont be able to film the screening to show you but if we make it in we will try our best to get a hold of the man himself Mr. Block and grab an interview.  In the meantime check out this preview vid that was posted on the Gymkahna TWO project blog.

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