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Hype Event: Ken Block Gymkhana TWO Premiere

At the tail end of yesterday I let you guys know that I was going to try and ninja my way into a super tight private event for the premiere of Ken Block’s Gymkhana TWO video.  Well I’m here to tell you….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  I actually mean it too! I’m not pulling a “Dubbya” on you.  Thanks to our good friend Bill Wood I was able to make my way in.

It all went down at a secret location in the Port Of Los Angeles that looked like the kind of place where mafiosos would “tie up loose ends” if you know what I mean.

But instead of someone getting fitted for some cement shoes there was a DJ, an open bar, excellent food, and a big movie screen.  Oh and one more thing…Ken Block giving ride alongs in his new Gymkhana battle machine. 

It was an awesome event and at 8pm I was included in a small group that got to see the new Gymkhana TWO project video before anyone else.  According to Block what we saw was a “draft” that was “80% done” but you wouldn’t know it by watching.  I’ll tell you right now the new flick is FRESH!  I saw some things that I didn’t think anyone would dare to try and pull off in a vehicle.

Another note to add is that this time around Ken and DC Shoes decided to use this opportunity to introduce the world to their new “Teamworks Collection.”  As such, Ken and his crew have referred to this new video as “The Best Informercial Ever.”

Despite the absense of the oxy clean guy it really does live up to the title of best infomercial ever!  I wish I could tell you more but we promised Ken to keep mum on the video until it makes its debut on June 1st.  Trust me it will be worth the wait!


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