Formula D Atlanta: Chris Forsberg FTW!!!


While I was celebrating my birthday the Formula D crew was busy lining up at Road Atlanta over the weekend for round 2 of the 2009 season.  Most drift fans were fresh off the D1 event and were ready to get back to some good old Formula D action and action is definitely what they got!  Right off the bat things heated up…literally!  During driver introductions Vaughn Gitten’s 2010 Falken Ford Mustang had an interior fire!  While there was a Falken umbrella girl in the car!  Luckily no one was hurt but it was a crazy way to kick things off.

Besides the heat there was also a bit of controversy with Formula D’s youngest competitor Pat “Juice Box” Mordaunt.  For the whole round Pat was on a role, he even took down our boy Dai Yoshihara!  But then later on he was mysteriously disqualified.  It wasn’t explained during the event but it was later speculated that it had something to do with the compound of his tires being too soft.  Formula D hasn’t released an official statement on this yet but we’ll keep you posted.

With Pat forced out it made way for fellow privateer Joon Maeng to make it through to the Great 8.  Joon eventually earned himself a 4th place finish which is the highest finishing position of his career.  Here’s hoping that he makes it to the podium next time?

So who took the top spot?  Didn’t you read the headline?  Chris “gotta have my NOS” Forsberg judo chopped his way through the field to take the win.  Darren “D-Mac” McNamera took the second spot while fellow Drift Alliance member Ryan Tureck joined Chris on the podium with a third place finish.

Next up on the Formula Drift schedule is Wall Speedway in New Jersey.  This is something of a home track for Ryan Tureck and Chris Forsberg.  Let’s see if the two Drift Alliance brothers make it back to the podium again on their own turf.

If you want to check out a gallery of all the event pics just head over to

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