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F1: Jenson Button Wins Monaco Grand Prix

I never thought I’d say this but one of the most historically eventful races on the F1 schedule was surprisingly…uneventful.. I wish I would have a rousing report of exciting unbelievable events that took place but honestly it went down the same way most of the races have unfolded this season: Jenson Button earned pole and lead most of the race until he took the win.  I’m glad Brawn GP is doing so well but I’d like to see them get challenged at least!

Ferrari did manage to score a podium finish with Kimi Raikkonen taking third due to some nice driving and fuel strategy but apart from that the two Brawn GP cars walked the field for almost the whole race.

Ferrari and McLaren get on fixing your rear diffusers already!

Anyway, below you’ll find a post race report from the SPEED crew although in this instance it isn’t all that necessary…

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