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ADVAN Neova AD08 Officially Drops Today

We were one of the first to tell you about the new ADVAN Neova AD08’s and today is officially the first day that you can go to your local tire shop and pick up a set!  Its finally time for you to pick up some new running shoes for your track car or daily driver.

Press Release:

FULLERTON, CA (May 1, 2009) – The wait is over: Yokohama Tire Corporation’s latest addition to its global flagship ADVAN® line, the ultra high-performance ADVAN Neova® AD08, goes on sale today at tire stores across the country.

The ADVAN Neova AD08 is an updated version of Yokohama’s ADVAN Neova AD07, known since 2006 as “the fastest street tire.” The all-new ADVAN AD08, available in 32 sizes ranging from 15 to 19 inches, is designed for a variety of premium sports cars and sedans, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and others.

“The Neova AD07 set the standard for max-grip, full-tread tires,” said Mark Chung, director, corporate strategy and planning, “but the new AD08 is the best of the best. Extensive testing reveals the Neova AD08’s distinct advancements in four key areas: dry grip, wet grip, ride comfort and noise level, taking it to remarkable new heights and maintaining our leadership in the industry. All of these improvements are very important to consumers in the ultra high-performance segment and demonstrate Yokohama’s technical achievements and innovations.”

Neova AD08 sizes are:

205/50R15 86V, 205/55R16 91V, 225/50R16 92V, 205/45R17 84W,

205/50R17 89W, 215/40R17 83W, 215/45R17 87W, 225/45R17 91W,

235/40R17 90W, 235/45R17 94W, 245/40R17 91W, 245/45R17 95W,

255/40R17 94W, 215/45R18 89W, 225/40R18 88W, 225/45R18 91W,

235/40R18 91W, 245/40R18 93W, 245/45R18 96W, 255/35R18 90W,

255/40R18 95W, 265/35R18 93W, 285/30R18 93W, 295/30R18 94W,

225/35R19 88W, 235/35R19 87W, 245/35R19 89W, 255/30R19 91W,

255/35R19 92W, 265/30R19 89W, 275/30R19 92W and 295/30R19 100W
Many of the new Neova’s improvements, especially the wet and dry grip, are attributed to a new Micro Silica compound with Hyper Density Carbon (H.D.C.), which also extends treadwear. Other highlights include specially-placed steel sidewall inserts (for improved handling and enhanced cornering), rapid reflex twin ribs that add stability and steering response, an extra-wide unibloc shoulder for continuous rubber-to-road contact during high-speed cornering, adaptive flare blocks for better lateral strength and turning power, and stress control grooves that minimize uneven wear.

“The new ADVAN Neova AD08 definitely lives up to the ADVAN legacy,” said Chung. “This is an ultra high-performance tire that ADVAN enthusiasts are going to love.”


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