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Vorsteiner E90 BMW M3 Sedan

Great Scott they’ve done it again!  Vorsteiner loves all German makes but they have a bit of a soft spot for BMW.  How did I come to this conclusion?  Because they just can’t keep they’re hands off the M3!  Check out the latest for the E90 sedan.  This thing gets the official MotorworldHype FRESHNESS stamp for sure.

Press Release:

Vorsteiner E90 M3 Sedan:

The much anticipated E90 M3 Sedan has now been released with all-new lightweight aerodynamic components.

The new body upgrades consist of dry carbon fiber front add-on spoiler that is shared with the E92 M3 coupe and unique carbon fiber rear aero diffuser which has the 3 integrated diffuser fins. To complete the package a new replacement carbon boot lid with a built in lip spoiler enhances down force and has over 35% weight savings over the factory steel unit.

Production all E90 M3 parts have commenced and are available to all dealers and customers worldwide.

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