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Hes retired then hes not retired he sells one company and starts another.  You just can’t predict good ol’ Steve Saleen.  He just can’t walk away from his love of building badass domestics.  His latest is an anniversary edition of sorts called the SMS 460.  Its meant to celebrate the 45th birthday of the Mustang and his 25th year in this business.  The SMS 460 is what you’d typically expect from a Saleen: aggressive body work, a supercharged V8 making 450+ horsepower, and a slick interior (this one has alcantara all over it).

More info in the press release below.

Press Release:

Steve Saleen ponies up, celebrates 25 years in the business and 45 years of

Mustangs with 2010 SMS 460 Mustang

Orange County, California. (April 17, 2009) Steve Saleen, his name being synonymous

with fast Mustangs, would not be Steve if he kept his hands off Ford’s newest pony. On the

occasion of the 45th anniversary of the launch of the original Mustang in 1964, and in

reflection on his 25 year association with America’s iconic sports car, Steve celebrates with

Mustang aficionados from around the world in launching first sketches of the 2010 SMS 460

and SMS 460X Mustangs at the 45th Anniversary Celebrations in Birmingham, Alabama.

Instantly recognizable as Steve Saleen’s work, the

new SMS 460 Mustangs

feature a host of visual and

technical highlights that set

them apart from the crowd.

“I previewed many of the

features of my newest

Mustang with the 25th

anniversary car I showed

last year,” says SMS

Supercars CEO and

President Steve Saleen.


The front fascia treatment,the SMS Red Butterfly Air Induction HoodTM, the front and side splitters, the rear fascia and diffuser with the high downforcerear wing showed the way Steve Saleen is looking at Mustangs today. “You have to gowith the times. While the Mustang remains an icon, Ford has done a very good job with the

2010 model. I wanted to interpret it using my signature to create the latest Steve Saleen

version of this American favorite.”


The SMS 460 Mustang offers a 4.6 liter V8 engine featuring a minimum 470 hp and 427 ft-lb

of torque, while the even more powerful SMS 460X Mustang engine with all new internal and

headwork delivers 655 hp and 600 ft-lb out of the enlarged 5.0 liter V8. Both use the new

(patent pending) SMS 296 Supercharger presented last week at the New York International

Auto Show. Transmission options are a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual on the 460 or

a 6-speed SMST manual on the top of the line 460X.


Performance for both cars is expectedly striking. The 460 Mustang accelerates from 0 to 60

in the low 4 seconds, while the 460X manages the same in the lower 4’s. In addition to

engine output, handling, roadholding and braking play an equally important role. The 2010

SMS 460 Mustangs feature Steve’s signature Watt’s linkage suspension with all-new

geometry. New SMS brakes front and rear deliver impressive stopping power to match the

jaw-dropping performance.


The interior with all-new Alcantara and leather SMS performance seats features the patented

Signature Series chevron stripes. Dash and interior panels are covered in hand-stitched

high-quality leather. Multiple seat chevron and SMS unique exterior colors are available.

More details about Steve Saleen’s latest Mustang will be revealed in the spring of 2009,

deliveries are expected to start mid-summer. Customers interested in buying a SMS 460 and

SMS 460X Mustang can either contact SMS Supercars directly at or

by calling (714) 400 2121.



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