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2009 Nissan Nismo 370Z Makes US Debut At New York Auto Show

We saw the JDM S-tune version of the 370Z last year and we were questioning if Nissan would allow the Nismo Z to make the jump across the pond.  Today all questions were answered as the sheet was pulled off the US market Nismo 370Z today at the New York Auto Show.  As with the GT-R the 370Z has officially grown on me, especially in Nismo trim!

So whats the difference between the Nismo 370Z and the other trims?  Let me break it down for you…  First off the most obvious change is the Nismo aero package.  Does it add any downforce? I wouldn’t venture to think so but who cares! It looks FRESH! 

Power has been bumped up from 332 to an even 350 but the engine remains at 3.7 liters.  This leads to the belief that Nismo created a custom fuel map to extract some more horses out of the VQ engine.  Under the car there is a Nismo exhaust and finally spring rates and dampening rates have been increased at all the corners.  I’m sure the new Nismo Z handles like a slot car. 

Hopefully RJ or I will get a chance to take a press drive in one of these and come back to you with a better impression of how the new Nismo Z stacks up.

For now check out the gallery of pics and the vid below.  Remember click on the thumbnails for a larger picture!


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