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Formula D: New 32 Driver Bracket Format

Formula D just announced that they’ll be ditching the tried and true “Top 16” competition format and switch to a “Top 32” format which is what was used in the Red Bull World Drifting Championships.  I personally think this is an awesome idea as it provides constant competition excitement and gives many of the smaller teams a better chance at the big show.

Press Release:

March 16, 2009

Formula DRIFT Announces New 32 car Head-to-Head Competition Format for 2009 Season
Long Beach, Calif. – March 16, 2009 – Formula DRIFT will be implementing a Top 32 tandem competition format for the 2009 season. The Top 32 tandem format will replace the Top 16 format previously used in an effort to appeal to the fans. The new competition format will be used starting at Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 10-11.

The Top 32 tandem competition format will pit the Top 32 drivers in a round-by-round elimination with each driver advancing to the next round. Each round’s head-to-head battles will be determined by the drivers’ qualifying score. The higher qualifying score will receive a higher position, with the highest qualifier receiving the #1 spot and lowest qualifier receiving the #32 spot. The #1 and #32 positioned drivers will then compete in a head-to-head battle and the tandem competitions will continue until the finale and a winner will be determined.

“From our experience hosting the Red Bull Drifting World Championship in 2008, the 32 car tandem format seemed the most exciting,” states Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “As ambassadors for the sport, it is our responsibility to push the sport’s limits and keep it as exciting for the fans as possible and we feel this new format will give the fans more action during a Formula DRIFT event.”

The new format provides fans with more tandem competition throughout the event day, something fans want to see more of. The larger bracket will allow for more diverse match ups of drivers that may have never competed against each other.

“Drivers will have to strategize and plan effectively to make it further into the competition,” states Tanner Foust, Formula DRIFT 2007 & 2008 champion. “As a driver we will have to expect the unexpected not knowing the skills of the other driver. For the fans there will be more action and excitement with the Top 32.”

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