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On Blast: “Euro” Tail lights…Just Say No…

Usually, I post about products that I think are high quality, fresh, and worth the investment.  This time I’m going to switch it up a little and talk about something absolutely sucks so much that I feel compelled to use MotorworldHype as my podium.  This is all about the crap-tastic phenomena known as “Euro tail lights”. 

This all started in circa 1999 when Lexus first released the IS sedan in America.  While the car was cool enough, what really got people’s attention were its unique tail lights.  They were completely clear with a red jewel-like light in the center, the likes of which have never been seen before at that time.  And, as per the style of that same time, people immediately start calling up Lexus dealer service departments to order a set of IS tail lights to bondo on to their civic, accord, or whatever it was that they were driving.  People just had to have those tail lights!

The trend got so big that even OEM’s were fooled by focus groups and started to copy this style on their own cars.  Mazda was one of the victims of this.  Heck even today they still use this style on their MX-5 which is probably the only thing I don’t like about that car.  And then there was the Maxima…ed tu Nissan?? 

Then, in the spirit of ingenuity after market companies started to make OEM shaped tail lights in the style of the Lexus IS sedan tail lights and to escape copyright laws they re-dubbed them “euro tail lights”.  With no bondo required there was an explosion of Euro tail lights all across the country.  It was cool, for a moment.  However this was 10 years ago…

Just a few days ago I was driving to school, and as I was waiting at a stop light I hear the familiar drone of an aftermarket exhaust.  I turn to my left to see a mildly modified Civic coupe.  It sounded alright, the body mods could have been better but they weren’t bad.  Just when I started to form my opinion that this guy had a pretty clean Civic, he turns right and on the rear of the car I see the same god awful Euro tail lights staring right at me!

It was during that moment, literally at a crossoad I thought to myself “why the FAULK hasn’t this trend died yet?!”  I would say that I was “shocked and appalled” but that is much too cliche and not nearly as descriptive as my thoughts were at that moment.  What is it about Euro Tails that keeps people coming back for more?!  Why do good people insist on doing horrible things to the cars that treat them so well?! 

Before you say the trend hasn’t lived its life yet remember that this started back in 1998 people!  Those stupid “Kombat” body kits only lasted two years at best!  Remember the “California Type R” trend?  If you don’t, GOOD! It’s not worth remembering.  My point is most of the trends from that era knew when to gracefully fade into the ether.  Why the Euro tails remain is obviously beyond my comprehension.

RJ and I didn’t start this website designed to focus on all of the top of the line goods just so people could ruin their cars with this MAGNIFICANTLY crappy trend that time forgot!  I am making a public plea to everyone out there right now, please stop with the Euro tail lights!

This goes to you too OEMs!  Mazda I say this out of love quit slapping those things on the MX-5’s!  You do realize that not even Lexus is still implementing these things right?!


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