Mine’s VX-ROM For Nissan 370Z (Z34) | MotorworldHype

Mine’s VX-ROM For Nissan 370Z (Z34)

Well at the top of the “that didn’t take long list” is sitting a brand new reflashed ECU for the freshly released Nissan 370Z.  Of course this was pulled off by Mine’s Japan, the same tuning house that was the first to crack the “un-crackable” Nissan GT-R ECU.  So what did Mine’s do with the 370Z ECU?  For starters the speed limiter is removed, the rev limit is increased, and a new fuel map was flashed to increase performance.  However it still retains the factory emission controls and “immobilizer” function.  For the time being it might be hard to pick this up stateside but hit up their U.S. Distributor to see what they can do.

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