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Honda Ruckus Collab: BOWLS x Tokyo Parts Gokubuto Wide Wheel Kit

Boutique/Ruckus outfitter BOWLS LA held a freestyle session with Sekizawa-san of Tokyo Parts Japan to produce a wide-wheel kit that any North American ruckus rider could pick up.  Before this Sekizawa’s creations were only made to order for each individual customer.  Now any American rider can enjoy the freshness.



The long awaited BOWLS x Tokyo Parts “Gokubuto” wide rear wheel kit for the Honda Ruckus is finally here.

Sekizawa-san of Tokyo Parts, the mastermind behind the Gokubuto, originally produced this custom tailored kit for each individual customer in Japan. We worked very closely together and after months of deliberation we finally came up with what we feel is the the best option for a complete wide wheel kit for North American consumers.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to bring the big wheel style that the Harley’s had in America to the Zoomer. So I guess you can call this a reimported style since the inspiration really came from all the larger American bikes.

Now about the big wheel kit itself, It was really difficult to find the perfect size. We started off originally with a 6J wheel but customers wanted it bigger and wider. Every bike is different but the 8J was where I thought I’d found the perfect balance of style and stability for all purposes.

I probably couldn’t have made this into a kit it if wasn’t for BOWLS and for that I’m very thankful. This collaboration project is what made this kit possible.

For anyone purchasing this kit, I want to thank you, and I wish you are satisfied with the Tokyo-Parts/BOWLS quality!” – Sekizawa-san (Tokyo Parts)

BOWLS x Tokyo Parts Gokubuto Kit includes:
– 10×8 inch ITP aluminum rear wheel
– Innova Racer tire 225/40-10 (already mounted)
– Daytona rear wheel hub
– Gokubuto extension kit made by Kijima Japan
– Advance Pro rear shock in 245 or 260 mm length
– OEM Honda Japan intake manifold modified for PC20 carburetor
– Takegawa rubber manifold for PC20 carburetor


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