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Fresh: Street Concepts Builds Premiere4509 Bentley GT

You might not know this but besides average joes like us Street Concepts has some pretty baller-ific clients.  At the same time they were helping us with our Lexus IS-F they were working on building a full Premiere4509 Bentley GT Continental for a client in Dubai.  The guy basically went to Premiere’s website, called Street Concepts, and said “I want that, make it happen.” And this is the result!  Let me tell you, this wasn’t as simple as slapping a body kit.  I saw a LOT of work go into this car and the amazing part is it was almost 100% done by just one guy!  And that same guy was still able to bounce from the Bentley and still help with our project!  After witnessing that I understood why RJ always goes to them with his projects.


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