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We Miss You: Rays Engineering TE37 Mag

I understand that over time certain things have to change or go away like the seasons, clothing styles, or my favorite TV show from back in the day “my secret identity.”  However sometimes it seems like good things that should stick around much longer go away with no rhyme or reason.  Case in point the TE37 Mag wheel!  I mean come on Rays!  The TE37 is easily among the top 10 of the best wheels ever made and its still super popular to this day.  Why on earth would they get rid of the Mag edition?!  Dude’s are out there painting regular TE37s mag blue because they can’t get the real thing!  Shouldn’t this be a sign to you that maybe it might be a good idea to bring the mag back??? Hellooo McFlyyyyyy???!!

Ok, ok I’m sure there is some logical and economical reason why Rays decided to discontinue the TE37 mag but whatever the cause it still sucks!  Ok rant over…

Oh and if I didn’t already make it extremely obvious, if you can find a genuine set of TE37 mags anywhere you should get them immediately.  In fact, do one better.  Find a Japanese person and ask them to translate an email for you to Rays Engineering in Japan and tell them that you want the TE37 mag back! Fight the power!

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