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Premier 4509 Bentley Continental GT

So far many of the exterior modifications for the Bentley Continental GT have been pretty subtle.  I mean yes, it is a Bentley which usually means comfortable, luxurious, and clean.  However I’m thinking some are starting to forget it also has a twin-turbo V12 under the hood!  It couldn’t hurt to get a little aggressive with the looks would it?

It looks like Premier 4509 is the first to try and answer that question.  Their tuning package pictured above is past “a little aggressive” to “wow I’m not sure what to think.”  The widebody treatment is a nice touch and the lines are good but maybe they went a touch overboard.  However they’re on the right track!  Rumor has it that Street Concepts is building one of these for an oil tycoon (AKA baller!) in Dubai.  We’ll try to get some sneek peek shots before it gets shipped over.

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