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Mansory Aquires Rinspeed

RJ heard this through the grapevine the other day and one visit to Mansory’s website confirmed it.  German/British tuner Mansory has officially acquired at least a portion of Rinspeed.  We don’t speak German or Swedish but from the way things appear on the site it looks as if Mansory only acquired Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning arm and not their concept car studio.

What does this mean?  Honestly not too much only that anything Rinspeed made for Porsches in the recent future will now be re-branded as a Mansory product.  We’re not sure  if Mansory is planning to dump more money into its new Porsche tuner shop to develop further parts or use Rinspeed’s resources to aid in the development for more Bentley and Aston Martin products.  We can only drool at the possibilities!  We’ll keep you posted!

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