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9ff 670 Kit for Porsche GT2

There are only a few tuners out there capiable of making a Porsche better than what you get from the factory.  9ff is definitely on the short list of those who know how to work with P-cars.  The GT2 pictured above is equipped with 9ff’s 670 bolt on kit.  Its called the 670 kit because its supposed to boost output to 670 horses.  While I’m sure that number will vary in each case its still clear that you’re going to get a substantial increase in the power department after bolting this kit on.  I can always appreciate increasing horsepower but please 9ff; avoid the murder by decals the next time you want to promote a product!

Press Release:

Der 9ff GT2 – Top athlete for daily routine and race track

In order to optimise a perfect top athlete like the Porsche GT2 in a sustainable way, it is necessary to make extensive changes which have to be based on many years of know-how. A kind of expert knowledge the Dortmund-based Porsche refiner 9ff undeniably has. With the 9ff GT2, the owner and head developer Jan Fatthauer and his team once again undermine their skills and present a vehicle which has been optimised in all its driving abilities. The objective was to build a GT2 which is able to render best performance on both the race track and also on public roads. With its 670 hp strong “bolt on kit” and a running gear which has been perfected at the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, the 9ff GT2 impressively demonstrates that road capability and racing can be very close to each other without having to accept losses in comfort.

Extensive engine modifications lift the Porsche´s strength to 670 hp and max. 800 Nm (the serial model has 530 hp and 680 Nm). For this reason, 9ff equips the therefore specifically developed V670 turbo chargers with variable turbine geometry. The air inlet system with 9ff manifolds was accordingly adapted to it. Also, the sport exhaust system underwent a drastic change: In-house racing headers, 100-cell sport catalytic converters and titanium mufflers optimise the 9ff flap exhaust system whose sound can be adjusted to the concept of a race car for every day use. The driver has the possibility to switch between a close-to-production sportive sound or a powerful racing sound. The package is amended by the adjustment of the control unit and its increase of a maximum number of 7,200 rpm.

The Dortmund-based engineers use a light single-mass sport flywheel and a clutch disk with organic coating. The special surface allows a judder-free start in everyday use and therefore differs from other sport clutches in a positive way.

As far as the running gear is concerned, 9ff uses double chassis springs at the front- and also at the rear axles. The coilover kit has especially been optimised for the 9ff GT2 on the demanding Nordschleife. With the 9ff GT2, the ambitious GT2 driver has the perfect arrangement of a race car for everyday use.

The driving performance of the 9ff GT2 is impressive. The rear wheel driven two-seater sprints from 0 to a 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. And from 0 to 200 km/h, the GT2 only needs 9.8 seconds and therefore stays under the mark of 10 seconds. Hereby, it is nearly two seconds faster than its serial counterpart. And it only takes 25.8 seconds from 0 to 300 km/h. Even top competitors such as Ferrari Enzo or Porsche Carrera GT have to admit defeat here.

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