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Vorsteiner 997 V-GT

Vorsteiner just dropped a new aero tuning program for the Porsche 997 dubbed the 997 V-GT.  They shaved a bit weight and added some downforce with some creative use of their patented dry carbon fiber.  The Front and rear bumpers are all full carbon while the front also features a replaceable carbon front splitter insert.   The rear has integrated ducts and diffuser which looks freakin FRESH!

If you really want to top off the look then I suggest picking up their special edition V-301 wheels.  They were specifically designed for this package and their directional spokes actually channel air flow to cool the brakes while driving.  You can get them as wide as 13 inches if you’re rocking a turbo.

This kit is pretty sick if you have the cash.  I’d highly suggest it if you’re looking for a way to set off your 997 from the rest of the P-car crowd.

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