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Indy Car: Porsche, Audi, and Alfa Romeo Show Interest in Competition

For more than a few seasons now the Indy Racing League has been strictly a Honda-powered affair.  While I love Honda I have to admit that only one engine manufacturer is pretty freakin’ boring.  My best memories of open wheel racing is back in the late 90s when Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevy were all battling it out in the CART series.  That all went up in smoke when most of the OEM’s split along with the race series itself.

But in recently things have been turning around for open wheel racing and history is starting to repeat itself…In a good way!  It started with Champ Car “merging” itself with Indy Car and now it seems like we may see multiple manufacturers again in the series.  SPEED is reporting that Indy Car officials have had meetings with Porsche, Audi, and Alfa Romeo about becoming engine suppliers for the IRL within the next few seasons.

Why would they consider coming back after so long?  I have my opinions.  Mostly I think since all the best drivers are in the same place again these manufacturers have a chance at some real competition.  Oh, there’s also the matter of getting to be a part of the biggest race in American history AKA the Indy 500.

I personally hope this pans out.  How cool would it bee to watch a Porsche powered open wheel car screaming around an oval at 215+ miles per hour?!

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