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F1: Rubens Barrichello To Indy Car?

Rumors have been floating around the F1 paddock that former Schumacher wing-man Rubens Barrichello will be retiring from Formula One once the 2008 season is over.  Of course rumors like that are going to lead to the question of where the Brazillian will end up next because we all know racers like him won’t walk away from motorsports completely.

According to SPEED it seems possible that Barrichello could cross the pond and race in the Indy Racing League (IRL) for Team Penske.  There are rumors that Honda has already arranged a test for Barrichello with Penske but that hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied.

Chances are if Barrichello did make the trip he could replace or team with fellow Brazillian Helio Castroneves.  The two racers are already buddies and Barrichello has been known to vacation in Florida to hang out with Helio and Tony Kanan.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how this one turns out.

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