F1: Fernando Alonso Victorious in Japan

Well I guess this means Alonso’s win in Singapore wasn’t just a fluke.  The Japanese Grand Prix was more of a boxing match with cars between Ferrari and McLaren.  While the silver and red were slap-fighting the Spanard shoved them both out of the way and took his spot on the top of the podium.

As the race started Lewis Hamilton decided to bum-rush his way through the two Ferraris while his teammate Hekki followed suit and ran both reds off the track.  Later on Felipe Massa returned the favor by nosing in on Hamilton in a corner which spun the brit out.  Later on Massa took out some extra aggression on Bourdais who was just minding his business but since we know how the FIA goes it was Bourdais who got the penalty instead of Massa (what a surprize right?).

In all this hub-bub (yes I said it!) Fernando and the Renault squad fought their way to the front with Robert Kubica giving chase and that was all she wrote.  Those two remained ahead of the carnage and in the end Alonso crossed the line first with Mr. Kubica right behind him.  Kubica’s second place finish keeps him mathamatically alive for the title being only 11 points behind Hamilton.

Formula 1 is fun…

Check out what Varsha and the guys had to say about the whole thing:


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