F1: Belated Congrats! Lewis Hamilton Wins Chinese GP

With the season coming to a close and a points lead to maintain Lewis Hamilton decided to conquer the track where he bungled his shot at a championship in his rookie year.  Already sitting on the pole from qualifying, as soon as the lights went out Lewis sailed off and that was all she wrote.  He lead every lap from lights out to checkered flag.

There was a possibility that Hamilton could have clentched the title but that would’ve only happend if he finished the race 6 points ahead of Felipe Massa.  However it wouldn’t be as both Ferraris were constantly snarling at the heels of Lews’ McLaren for the entire race.

Going into the Last Race of the season in Brazil only 7 points seperate Lewis and Felipe while Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica are mathamatically eliminated from contention.  Can Lewis make history? Or will Felipe grab the title by force in his home country?  Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait an agonizing two weeks to find out!

Check out the post race on SPEED:

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