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Sir Jackie Stewart Speaks True…

After the fiasco last weekend at the Belgian GP many members of the media and former heavy hitters in F1 have made their feelings public about the stewards decision to penalize Lewis Hamilton thus stripping him of his hard fought victory.

After looking through many responses from fans, the media, and other figure heads in the sport I found an interview with Sir Jackie Stewart by  In that interview the former world chaimpion has brought up a valid point that the FIA should really consider further.  His argument is that with F1 being one of the most expensive motorsports in the world the FIA should employ full time stewards who bare full time accountability for their actions.

It’s funny that the NBA, NFL, and the MLB all have full time refs but F1 has part time stewards.  Maybe now that wise words have been spoken things will start to change.

By the way, that appeal by Mclaren is still pending…

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