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RiceboyTV.com Version 2 Now Live

I didn’t even know that John Naderi (Nads) and his band of misfits were creating a V2 of the site but apparently they were. To see what the hype is all about go to riceboytv.com.

Words from NADS.

We are pleased to announce that RiceBoyTV V2 is now live, baby! This freshened version of www.RiceBoyTV.com features the same engaging, interactive elements of the OG site but with a huge boost in horsepower and perhaps some carbon fiber canards for added pizzazz. All of our original sport compact aftermarket content remains – such as the car features, tech stories, event coverage, lifestyle and Rice Gurl profiles. But now everything is presented in a much more clear, concise fashion. Come check out www.RiceBoyTV.com – the same funky name, but now with a whole new game.

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