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Jeremie Paret: Car Stylist

It looks like RJ has some European competition.  Jeremie Paret, the former Editor In Chief of “Modify” magazine has branched off to start his own car styling salon as it were.  It works like this: say that you’re an affluent person with a pricey car and you’re looking to modify it.  However you want to make sure its as original as possible.

Well its at this point that Jeremie suggests that you give him a call where he’ll create a list of suggested modifications including custom work and create a virtual rendering of the possibilities then you can send the car to him to perform the mods at his shop or he could give you his list so you could hand it over to your favorite shop to have them do the mods.

Some of the services included is a live blog of the build, a custom numbered plate with a signed certificate of authenticity, and a photo book.

The catch is that this is only going on in France right now.  Although I don’t think that would be much of an obsticle for anyone who could afford something like a Lamborghini or Jeremie’s services.

Via [Autoblog]

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