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GMG Racing Porsche 997 WC-GT3

If you own a high dollar european car chances are you know who GMG is.  They tune and build everything from VW’s to Porsche Carerra GT’s.   After they’re done making other people’s cars faster they spend their weekends running their Porsche GT3 cup racer in a pro series and they love it.  In fact, they love it so much that they decided to build a street going version of it called the “WC-GT3”.  The “WC” stands for World Challenge as in SPEED World Challenge the pro series they race in.

So what makes the WC-GT3 different from a normal GT3 (if you consider a Porsche GT3 “normal”)?  Well for starters try custom GIAC ECU software mapping and a “WC” center section with titanium piping.  Next off you could throw in a custom GMG suspension set up that includes components from Moton and Eibach.  Bringing it all to a screeching halt are Brembo GTR F1calipers that have titanium pistons.  You also got Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires that are wrapped around BBS E88 wheels.  There’s actually a ton of extras that come with this special edition and I’m too lazy to type them all.  If you want to know that badly and just happen to have a few spare suitcases full of money I suggest you contact GMG about picking one of these up.


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