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Fail: FIA Throws Out McLaren’s Appeal

In a move that will leave many McLaren fans disenfranchised with the sport, the FIA ruled that McLaren’s appeal against Lewis Hamilton’s penalty at the Belgian GP was “inadmissible.”  The FIA sited a rule stating that drive through penalties could not be appealed as the reasoning behind their decision.

However McLaren argued that Toro Rosso was allowed to appeal a similar penalty when their driver Vitantonio Luzzi was punishsed for overtaking under a yellow.  The FIA referred to that situation simply as a “mistake”

This is a Fail of epic proportions on FIA’s part.  However McLaren and the team are going to keep a “stiff upper lip” on the matter and focus on the remaining four races of the season as Lewis will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to extend his scant one point lead over Felipe Massa.

Check out a full report of the events on SPEED’s website.

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