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Cadillac beats BMW around the Ring

I just read that another American car takes down some kings at the ring. The new 2009 CTS-V from Cadillac did a lap around the ring at 7.59 which GM claims to be the fastest documented lap for a production sedan.

This beat the BMW M5 which does the ring in 8.13 and the M3 which does it in 8.15. 

The new CTS-V features a 6.3 liter V8 that is closely related to the LS9 powerplant that is in the Corvette ZR1 that took the crown away from the Nissan GTR (but was then beat by the Viper ACR). Pumping out 550 HP the new Cadillac was able to muscle past the BMWs around the world famous track.

Looks like American Car Companies are on a roll!


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