American LeMans: Mazda MZR-R Coupe Revealed

Last year Mazda teamed up with AER and developed a monster MZR engine that pushed 500HP and was completely ready to take on the American LeMans series.  Unfortunately their aero package wasn’t completely sorted out which equated to results that were below the potential of the engine.

For 2009 things will be totally different as they’re moving to a coupe style chassis which has 10% more downforce and 7% less drag than the previous chassis.

The picture was taken during its first shakedown test at Road Atlanta and its definitely looking fresh in black carbon.  Personally I think they should leave it this way but chances are they’ll have a similar BP Fuel livery again this year.  The MZR-R will debut at Petit LeMans this year and will be the first coupe chassis in the LMP2 class.  We can’t wait to see how it does!

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