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Vorsteiner Edition Brembo Big Brakes

Vorsteiner ads a touch of carbon fiber class to Brembo’s 4 and 6 pistion big brake kits. If you want your stopping power to be more unique and definitely limited – rock these special edition Brembos.

Vorsteiner Edition Carbon Fiber Brake System [Mono-bloc]

The Vorsteiner carbon fiber brake package is currently available for 6 Piston & 4 Piston monobloc Brembo systems.

Please inquire with your sales representative for addtional models not listed.

Tailor Made Carbon Fiber finishes in: 
 + Black carbon fiber mesh weave
 + Black carbon fiber cross weave
 + Blue carbon fiber cross weave
 + Silver carbon fiber cross weave
 + Yellow carbon fiber cross weave
 + Green carbon fiber cross weave

Custom Caliper Finishes:
 + Speed Yellow 
 + Anthracite Grey 
 + Calypso Blue 
 (Special finishes not shown available upon request)

Find out more at Vorsteiner.



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