Tanner Foust drives Lamborghini Reventon

Some people just have awesome jobs.  Take Tanner Foust for instance.  When he’s not competing in Formula D, racing in Rally America, or stunt driving awesome cars on Hollywood movie sets hes hosting a show called Supercars Exposed which is a 30 minute program on SPEED where crazy rich people toss him the keys to their expensive cars. 

If that weren’t enough, producers from Supercars Exposed just flew Tanner over to Milan where he got to visit the Lamborghini factory and drive the 1.4 million dollar Lamborghini Reventon!

He even wrote a driving impression and everything!

Did I forget to mention that this dude also gets to be one of the hosts of the American version of Top Gear?!

This man needs to author a self-help book on how to consecutively land amazing car jobs.

Source [Autofiends]

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