Spoon Sports to offer “NSX-R” Conversions

According to JPCN’s source at Spoon, the legendary Japanese tuner is in talks with Honda to offer full NSX-R conversions for USDM NSXs.  And when they say “full conversion” they really mean it.  This isn’t just a body panel bolt on job.

All customers of the conversion will the following Type R items: harder springs, shocks, the thicker swaybars, all the carbon fiber pieces including the bonnet and spoiler, the flat underbody tray, the rear diffuser, the slotted brake rotors, a re-mapped ECU, and shorter final gear ratio.

Oh and a few more things…Since the NSX-R was also known for its lighter weight the conversion will also feature the lightweight forged 17 inch wheels, thinner rear glass, removed sound deadening, carbon fiber backed recaro seats, smaller battery, manual adjusting mirrors, lightweight carpet and no spare tire.

This is all equates to significant levels of pure awesome.  However as stated earlier the deal is still somewhat a work in progress.  There isn’t any information on when the conversion will be available, where to get it, or how much it will cost.  However that information should be available in the reasonably near future so we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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