Porsche Design Cellular Phone is a Work of Timeless Engineering Art

Take a look at this new cellular from Porsche Design. I’ve seen this phone (called the P’9521) in person and it’s just beautiful. In terms of style, construction, and finish it beats by far beast the Prada LG I once had. It’s got some really neat features too. The most interesting one being the fingerprint scanner to identify the user. Another cool feature is the scratch proof screen made from mineral glass and the rotating head that makes it easy to use as a camera. The standard one comes in black but there is also a limited edition white version that I would opt for.

Excellence that gets you talking: The new P’9521 cell phone from Porsche Design blends purist style with the latest in communication technology from Sagem. Featuring a sensor to identify the user by fingerprint. Unique: The entire housing is milled from a single solid aluminum block. Functional: The scratch-resistant screen in mineral glass, which rotates through 180°, and the high-resolution digital camera. Inspiring: The distinctive, timeless design. Convincing: in every respect.

Find out more at Porsche Design.


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