New King of the Ring?

The Automotive Blogs have been busily buzzing on who the new king of the ring is. The Nissan GTR was crowned king in May of this year when it’s own everymans supercar lapped it in 7.29. A month later GM came up to bat and dethroned the GTR with their more exclusive Corvette ZR1 bringing the record down to 7.26. Not wanting to be outdone Dodge decided to send not 1 but 2 of it’s newest supercar the Viper ACR to Germany and rent the Ring out for a day to see what they could muster. Driven by WTCC driver Tom Coronel, who is an experienced 24hour Nurburgring racer, the Viper ACR unofficially brought the record down to 7.22.

See the video here on Youtube

Source: Motortrend 

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