Mitsubishi MRX09 Lancer to be run @ Dakar ’09 | MotorworldHype

Mitsubishi MRX09 Lancer to be run @ Dakar ’09

Paul Tan caught a glimpse of the new MRX09 Lancer that Mitsubishi will be running in next year’s Dakar rally (which wont actually take place in Dakar but South Africa instead).

It looks like it takes its styling cues from the Lancer Sportsback but according to Tan the car is actually built on a tube frame with a carbon fiber Sportsback shell over it.  It will make 250HP and massive amounts of torque.  Of course it will have an advanced 4WD system and sequential transmission but I’m sure between now and the 2009 Dakar it will have a few more tricks up its sleeve. 

We’ll keep you posted.

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