GT-R Spec V a reality according to Road & Track

Someone at Autoblog saw that Sam Mitani from Road & Track decided to spill his guts on the GT-R Spec V, or at least what he knows so far.  According to him we can expect Nissan to rip out the back seat, raise the power to 520HP and 440 ft-lbs of torque.  After the diet the GT-R alledgedly loses 200lbs and is expected to run sub 7:30 times at the Nurburgring.  If that wasn’t crazy enough, word has it that Nissan is actually expecting to release the Spec V on American soil in early 09.

So we’re getting a faster, lighter GT-R that will be ready for purchase within a roughly half a year from now.  What’s the catch?  Supposedly the MSRP on this sucker will be $130k.  In dealership speak thats about $180k.

Over-hyped car+Early Adopters=$$$


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