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Formula D: Tanner Foust Wins Round 3 in Jersey

2007 Formula D champ Tanner Foust once again stood atop the podium yesterday as Formula D made its first ever stop in New Jersey at Englishtown Raceway.  Foust faced a difficult path as he fought his way to the top.  Along the way he had to go against Stephen Verdier, Miki Ryuji, Rhys Millen and finally Tyler McQuarrie.

Check out the bracket from the Formula D blog:

TOP 16 Battle Bracket

Yoshihara vs. McNamara – Winner: Yoshihara

Forsberg vs. Gittin – Winner: Forsberg

Hubinette vs. Fuller – Winner: Hubinette

McQuarrie vs. Angelo – Winner: McQuarrie

Foust vs. Verdier – Winner: Foust

Miki vs. Tuerck – Winner: Miki

Millen vs. Petty – Winner: Millen

Takatori vs. Grunewald – Winner: Grunewald


Yoshihara vs. Forsberg – Winner: Yoshihara

Hubinette vs. McQuarrie – Winner: McQuarrie

Foust vs. Miki – Winner: Foust

Millen vs. Grunewald – Winner: Grunewald


Yoshihara vs. McQuarrie – Winner: McQuarrie

Foust vs. Millen – Winner: Foust

Consolation Round

Millen vs. Yoshihara – Winner: Millen


McQuarrie vs. Foust – Winner: Foust

This makes three different winners for the first three rounds of the season with Chris Forsberg winning round 1 in Long Beach and Rhys Millen taking round 2 at Atlanta.

The next stop on the Formula D tour is Las Vegas.  We’re going to try and get out there for that one!  Be sure to check out for info

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