F1 Report: Robert Kubica Wins Canadian GP

Just one year ago the 23 year old Polish driver had a horrible accident in Canada. His car got off-line launched off a curb and began to roll and eventually bounced off a wall which immediately silenced the 150,000 people in attendance. Due to the state of the art safety equipment Kubica came out with only a sprained ankled and just missed one race before returning to action.

Fast forward to 2008 once again in Canada. Just before the half way mark of the race Lewis Hamilton has a lapse of attention trying to exit the pit lane and plows into the back of 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari. With both top contenders out of the race the top spot on the podium was wide open for any driver that wanted to make the extra reach for it. Sunday Robert Kubica made that reach.

The win in Canada was not only a first for Kubica but also a first for the somewhat new BMW-Sauber team. The victory pushes BMW past Mercedes to reach 2nd place in the constructor’s points.

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